Where is Mauritius?

Planning a Mauritius flight

Planning a Mauritius flight


Air France


☎ 0180 5 830 830 (0,14€/min from German fixed line, mobile tariff max 0,42€/min)

Luggage: economy class: 23 kg + 12 kg hand-luggage

Air Mauritius

☎ (069) 24 00 19 99

Luggage: economy class: 23 kg + 7 kg hand-luggage

British Airways

☎ (069) 24 00 19 99

Luggage: economy class: 23 kg + 23 kg hand-luggage


☎ +49 6171 6988920

Luggage: economy class/premium: 20 kg + 6 kg

comfort class: 30 kg + 6 kg


☎ +49 699 451 92000

Luggage:economy class: 30 kg + 7 kg hand-luggage
business class: 40 kg + 12 kg hand-luggage
first class: 50 kg + 12 kg hand-luggage

The Emirates airline is very recommended. Nice dishes and relatively well-balanced meals are offered. Fruit salad, different kinds of meat, in the morning a diverse choice of breakfast, small snacks in between and a very endeavored staff. Normally there is normally one stop in Dubai.

Flight duration

It takes around 6 hours from Germany to Dubai, from Dubai to Mauritius 6.5 hours.

Since one should not forget about the weather conditions, the flight takes approximately 12-13 hours. Non-stop flights take like 12 hours.
Normally you will spend 800- 1400 euros on a flight ticket for economy class. It depends on the prices of the respective season, if you want to bring more luggage or if you want to book extras with it, like vegetarian food. It is advisable to book a flight as early as possible. Usually planes to Mauritius are well-stocked.

The exact luggage terms of each airline must be read on each homepage, they vary from airline to airline.

Entry requirements

In order to enter the country, your passport must be at least valid for 6 months. You are allowed to stay 3 months without a visa.

Sometimes, you also have to show booking confirmation of your accommodation in Mauritius at the airport.

Plants and food are not to enter the country.

Weapons, drugs and cigarette papers are illegal.

If you carry medication you need to show a prescription from the doctor and medication has to be in the original box.

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