Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius weather

Mauritius weather
Mauritius weather
The Mauritian climate is considered sub-tropical. Due to this fact, you can enjoy pleasant water temperatures throughout the whole year.

The warmest time of the year is from November to March. That is when there is summer in Mauritius, which means: around 30°C. If you are tired of the cold temperatures in Germany and in the surrounded countries, then you will certainly find the perfect match in Mauritius. In this time of the year, the water is the warmest and you can get a really nice tan.

In case it rains, it will only be refreshing for sure. It does not rain for too long, so you can lay back on the beach after it stopped. However, you will have to expect cyclones in Mauritius from December until March. Those are tropical whirl winds which blow through the island life for a short period of time and cause a little devastation. Since Mauritians are already prepared for those cyclones, causes will be cleaned up right after.

>Winter time lasts from April until October, but temperature can still reach up to warm 25°C which means: No comparison to Germany and still very comfortable climate.

The sun shines a little less than in summer time and at night you will need a cardigan.

Other than that, you can enjoy your Mauritian holiday with comfortable temperatures, very much during winter time.

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