Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius travel season

Mauritius travel season
Mauritius travel season

Which one looks more like you?

Sun worshiper: Trees are unnecessary, why should you hide from the sun? It can never get warm enough during your Mauritius vacation. You can stand the sun at 30°C without any problem just with a cool drink and a snack once in a while.

If you wish for wind and still want to kite-surf in warm temperatures, then we recommend the east. It is more windy on the east coast and is therefore a popular destination for all kite-surfers.

‘Lay under the umbrella or tree’ – You most likely prefer a breeze and if there is no breeze then at least a little more shade? Maybe your partner likes to lay in the sun, but you stay under the closest sun umbrella?.. You can also enjoy the weather without a breeze but with a refreshing coconut and pineapple. If it gets too warm for you, then there is still the ocean which offers a nice cooling down as well.

Supporter of sunglasses and hand fan: 30°C is too much of the good thing. That’s when you need sunglasses because of the bright sun and a hand fan in order not to melt away too much. Beach is important for you, but not in the burning heat!

Thrill-seeker: You came to Mauritius to see waterfalls, walk with lions, to dive and to visit the Colored Earth?.. Or what else is on your to-do list? During this time you should not be right in the sun too often, because you are not planning to stay on the beach all day long. Nevertheless, you do not want to rely on a cardigan, because you would prefer to wear shorts. So the sun should be seen but not too much during your vacation in Mauritius.

The best time for the sun worshiper is December to February. That is when it is the hottest and you do not have to worry about being cold as the temperature will always be around 30°C.

May to October is the most convenient period for kite-surfer: it won’t get too hot since it will be winter in Mauritius and you can still explore the sea, because there will be wind and 6 hours of sun.

For those who prefer to ‘Lay under the umbrella or tree’ the months September to November suit well (even though it might already be a little bit too hot in November). That is the transition period from winter to summer. It won’t be that hot and you will definitely still meet a nice cool breeze. Also the month of May is considered for those supporters of sunglasses and hand fans, as the Mauritian summer turns into winter time then. It will be warm, but you start feeling the wind again. You will be able to go to the beach without looking for a tree that protects you from the intensive sun.

For the thrill-seeker, we recommend the period from May to November. In case you want more sun, the months October/November would be better. If you do not feel like sweating too much during your trips either, then it is recommended to come from May to August.

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