Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Travel Insurance

Mauritius Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel long distance, like 12 hours to the Indian Ocean island, Mauritius, then we recommend you to conclude an overseas insurance.

It is said that you won’t need an extra insurance, but if something happens, like a loss of your luggage, loss of your passport or legal assistance, illness or in the worst scenario death, you will regret not concluding an insurance.

It can happen quite a lot and then you won’t have the possibility to go back to your home country quickly. First, you will be stuck on the island. Of course, we all hope that nothing will happen, but there is nothing wrong about being insured.

We can recommend you the IHI Bupa, a reliable and very exclusive insurance company from Denmark. They cover up almost all cases that can occur. If you would like to receive more details, please have a look at :

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