Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Surfing

Mauritius Surfing

You should not forget about the surfing besides all those different sports activities. Of course, you can surf around the island from different places.
The surf enthusiast will definitely get happy in Le Morne. This is where you usually meet advanced surfer. There is the so called One-Eye Wave which can only be surfed by professionals. But our favorite spot is the place Tamarin. There you run into everybody. Beginners can expand their know-how on the reef. The water is not that deep over there and the ground consists of sand. The advanced ones can venture out the reef, where you meet quite high waves.

The beach of  Tamarin provides you with toilets, a big kiosk, public benches and parking possibilities, so you won’t miss anything.

As an accommodation, we would recommend you our Mauritius luxury Apartments alongside the coast of La Preneuse, near Tamarin. The great location allows you a direct view over the horizon with a beautiful sunset. You are surrounded with a tropical garden and reach the beach in few minutes on foot.

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