Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Money

Mauritius Money

In Mauritius, you pay with the established currency : ‘rupees’.

One Euro is converted around 39 rupees.

In some stores (for clothes) in Grand Baie, you can pay with euros.

In case you pay with your card, a minimal fee will apply. You pay twice with your card and no big costs will arise. But if you use your credit card during the whole stay in Mauritius, then the amount of the invoice will increase.

If you pay with ec-card, you have to pay attention that your card has the Maestro logo on it. Some ec-cards do not have a Maestro sign and are not accepted in Mauritius.

We advice you to withdraw some money at place (at the MCB or Barclays bank, you will find many ATM machines of these banks in Mauritius) and always pay in cash.

Mauritius is not too expensive for europeans. Grand Baie is the most expensive place. The more you get to the south the more cheaper things get (and cheap does definitely not mean less quality). If you are two persons and go out for dinner each day, you won’t spend more than 150 euros per week for restaurants in Mauritius.

In case 150 euros is not enough for you for one week, then you can just pay with your credit card for once, it won’t affect you much.

If you ask us in advance about good places to eat for decent prices, we will be delighted to inform you. You may contact us on

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