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L’ilot Villa right on your own island East Poste Lafayette Mauritius

L’ilot Villa right on your own island East Poste Lafayette Mauritius

Brief description:

In Mauritius, you can rent your own villa, each one offering different sizes. But who can rent a villa on its own peninsula? This unique Mauritius villa is located right in the middle of the turquoise ocean and is equipped with the highest comfort. No tourists can come here and get lost, because the peninsula is in private ownership. So privacy, quietness and relaxation are guaranteed. Up to 6 adults and 2 children (below 12 years) can live here on a self-catering basis.


Long description:

At the northeast coast of Mauritius, you can find a unique peninsula of proud 3100m². It is 100m away from the coast of  Roches Noires. What is so special about it? She is so special because guests get to spend their Mauritius holiday in a comfortable villa without any restrictions, in privacy.
You get to feel the fresh sea breeze without a stop. The rushing of the soft waves can almost be catched and you can perfectly see the sunrise. You are sitting ‘in the front row’! Surrounded by a clear lagoon and fine sand, your holiday will definitely be an unforgettable adventure.

After you have passed a wooden bridge, you reach the small property which was built out of natural materials like stone, wood, raphia in white, gray and brown. The decoration is as cunning as the idea to build a holiday villa on such a peninsula. The island was tenderly visited and attuned in the smallest detail.

Very special about the coast is that there are only private houses and bungalows, so it is no place to meet for tourists like in other places of the north.

The villa is equipped with 4 bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining room, a fully furnished kitchen and a spacious veranda. Like this the villa can accommodate 6 adults and 2 children (below 12 years) on a self-catering basis.

You can enter the ocean from almost each side of the island. For the kids there is kind of a natural pool, so it is especially safe and peaceful for them to swim. Otherwise, you can also reach the deeper water by going over a pier. There you have to go diving and snorkeling.

Right on the beach, could not be any better. Comfortable loungers invite you to relax and to tan while you feel the nice warming sun rays on your skin.

The own barbecue also invites to make a barbecue, so you can round off your day relaxed.

The villa is perfect for families or a group of friends.

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