Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Golf

Mauritius Golf

Golf is getting more and more popular in Mauritius. So there are not only independent golf clubs but also hotels with their own golf course.
Mauritius offers the best conditions for golfing, it needs to have a unique setting and you get exactly this in Mauritius.
When you stand up on the hill for the tee-off and you do not only get to see a green, short cut lawn in a landscape of palm trees and bushes, but you also have the ocean right in front of you and you can literaly taste the fresh sea breeze, that is when you imediately get a great feeling.

You can find the above metioned conditions in the Heritage Golf club in Bel Ombre. The Isla-Mauricia Team speaks out of experience, we have golfed there before. You stand uphill in your golf cart before the tee-off, on the right and left mountains, hills and a diversity of tropical plants and right in front of you, you get to see the beautiful sparkling ocean.

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