Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Communication

Mauritius Communication

Due to modern telecommunications such as mobile phones, Ipads and laptops, you will probably also write a text message, make a phone call or send a greeting to your home country.

How much is it?

If you send a text message from Mauritius to Germany with your european number, you will pay 20 cents converted. One phone call costs around 1-1.50 euros per minute.

If you get a SIM card from the local provider Orange or Emtel, you only pay 0.07 cents for a text message and around 10 cents for a phone call to Germany.

Even the purchase of the SIM card is not expensive, just think about if you really require a new SIM card.

Orange and Emtel are both the same reagarding the prices. In Mauritius, you have to buy refill cards in shops (kiosks, grocery stores or directly at Orange or Emtel). Then you type in the number which is on the refill card and you will have money again for texting and calling (the exact instruction is on the back of the card in english).

It is up to choose the amount of credit you want on your phone.

Mauritius is a Wifi island. In some hotspots you have access to Wifi, where you can use the internet. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee a good connection.

Otherwise, you can go to internet cafes for a cheap price.

In the meantime, internet access is automatically provided in many apartments and hotels.

So, you are not completely isolated from your beloved ones in Germany (and the rest of the world).

In Mauritius, you can communicate in French, English and Creole. You will make your way through, with all these languages.

It does not matter if you find yourself in the Orange or Emtel Store, in the grocery store or at the street vendors, you can always use one of the three languages.

Mauritius once used to be in possession of the English and from that time on they also kept the english language besides the french one.

So, communication is no problem.

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