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Belle Rivière Estate Luxury Villas South Bel Ombre Mauritius

Belle Rivière Estate Luxury Villas South Bel Ombre Mauritius

Brief description:

We offer you exclusive villas in the beautiful south of Mauritius.
An outside shower, open, generous and big bedrooms, flooded with light are standard here. The big pool tops it all off in the end.
In this resort, you have the possibility to stay in villas with 7 bedrooms and which can accommodate 14 guests. Only a few steps away from the beach, you can already smell the ocean when you step out of the house. There is a great spa to give your body a nice rest during your stay. Either you stay at the beach, at the pool or you take a trip somewhere, but if you do not feel like going somewhere, you can also experience some  things on the resort property.
This 5 star property is probably like paradise.


Long description:

The south is known for its untouched nature. The Belle Rivière property is 27 hectare big and is divided in two sections.

In one section there are 33 villas and in the other section you have a hotel.

Some villas can accommodate up to 14 guests with 7 bedrooms.

Such accommodation possibilities are only in a few resorts.

The three diverse types of villas are spacious, nice decorated and offer all conveniences which you need for your Mauritius vacation.

In this Mauritius luxury villa you can enjoy a perfect privacy and spend your holidays only with your fellow passengers. The management of the villas can also arrange for  guests to get access in the vicinity of the Bel Ombre region the service of a spa as well as other offers and facilities.

You can feel that the 5 star property does not avoid any costs and efforts to make you happy and satisfied.

A welcome change to the spa of one of the neighboring resorts, the sea or sport activities, you can go to the golf course which is only a few driving minutes away. The view from the golf course is breathtaking!

In this luxury 5 star resort you can profit from the location and access a beautiful fine, sandy beach. Depending on the villa location it can be around 10-15 mins walk or you use the golf car.

The Belle Rivière property is perfectly suitable for big families and travel groups. Imagine how you relax in the never ending pool of your villa enjoying a cocktail and profit from the breathtaking views that Mauritius has to offer. Or you observe the sunset over the sparkling Indian Ocean.

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