Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius Beach Villas

Mauritius Beach Villas

Living in a luxury villa in Mauritius ? Sounds like a dream! But what if your dream villa is directly located on the beach? That sounds even heavenly.
When you come to Mauritius you want to live close to the beach, because on your holidays you want what you do not have in your everyday life. And who lives right on the beach?

The Isla- Mauricia Team offers you a large range of breathtaking beach properties ! Especially the following 3 villas are to recommend :

In the northeast, in Post Lafayette we can recommend you a beach villa inspired by a Balinese architecture. It is fully equipped with everything you need to live and many more. A tropical garden at the coast of a white sandy beach and surrounded by your beloved ones… Isn’t that how a perfect holiday could look like?!

A beach villa surrounded by a sparkling lagoon and Casuarina trees. But there is even more to come… because this beach villa is not only situated on the beach, you can even say it is situated on the water. The villa in the north of Mauritius, in the town Roches Noires and is located on a private land, which you can only enter by walking over a bridge, consisting out of wood and stones. Fully equipped with a lavishly patio you can reach the sea from each side of the island. There is a natural pool in front of the villa which is also good for kids to swim and plunsh in. Apart from that you can get to deeper waters from the edge of a pier. Perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts as well as for the ones seeking quietness, far away from the tourism.

An other exquisite property is located at a white beach with a clear, blue lagoon. There you have the outdoor dining area at your private pool, huge gardens and the best: the white sandy beach! The villa can be described in 3 words: generous, flooded with light and luxury, so the villa is particularly appropriate for a big family or a group of friends.

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